The Deer Strike Again!

It looks like this will be another saskatoon-less summer. Things were growing so well… Lots of sun, lots of rain – no hail, no untimely frosts… And then, it happened. The deer strike again!

This little fellow decided that, after chewing on a few peas, that he would try saskatoons. And wouldn’t you know it – he liked them! By the time I interrupted his meal, he had already trimmed down the majority of my saskatoon plants. So I guess there’ll be no saskatoons for me this year. But what else can you expect when you live in central alberta? Besides, I can always head over to my brother’s upick saskatoon farm – the Saskaberry Ranch.

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My wife and I run a very modest vegetable growing operation in Saskatoon, for the local farmers’ market. We stumbled upon your blog when searching for what other Prairie vegetable gardeners were growing.
We are currently experimenting with three crop cycles annually, using unheated high tunnels and cold greenhouses. This year, we are experimenting with okra and eggplant in high tunnels and so far they are doing well. Last fall, we were able to harvest salad greens as late as November 15th, borrowing from some of Eliot Coleman’s techniques.

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