Bugs & Crawly Creatures in my Backyard

In addition to all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that fill my garden, I have also found that I have a backyard full of interesting crawly creatures. I’ve shown you the swarms of ladybugs, clumps of boxelder bugs, bumble bees and honey bees, moths and ants, and even a salamander on occasion. Well, not many weeks ago I found a new bug that I had never seen before. It had actually made it’s way into my bathroom and was climbing up the wall. It was just a tiny creature – not more than a quarter inch from top to bottom – but I tell you, it was rather intimidating.


To get a good view of this fierce little fellow, click the picture to see a larger version. Remember, he’s less than a 1/4 inch! But he looks like a scorpion. In fact, after I did a little research, I found that he is actually a “pseudoscorpion” or a ‘fake scorpion’.He’s in the spider family and despite his fierce looks, is completely harmless to people and their gardens! He is actually good for your garden – he eats other harmful bugs. So if you see this guy or one of his relatives – just wish him well and let him go on his way!

And while I’m showcasing some of the “Bugs of my Garden” – here are a couple more!


This giant beetle was crawling around my garden this summer. I think he’s one of the biggest I’ve seen here – he was about the size of a loonie.


I wish you could see this tiny snail in real life. My 5 year old son picked him up (along with his two friends) and was watching them in his hand.  You can see how small they are by the lines in the palm of my hand. The one with his head out is about 3/8 of an inch.


This snail without a shell (also known as a slug) was personally responsible for putting holes in my bell peppers. I never did like slugs much – but they are interesting to watch!

And finally to wrap it all up, here’s a cabbageworm I found. Again, interesting to watch, but it sure makes a mess of your cabbage and other green things!


3 Responses to Bugs & Crawly Creatures in my Backyard

  1. Ewwww! That pseudoscorpion looks horrific! I have never seen one of those before and hope I never do.

  2. Jenna says:

    My LEAST favourite buggy find last season was the dreaded Lily Leaf Beetle (here’s a pic I took of it https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-YC8iZu6Vgsw/U1cd90K5yAI/AAAAAAAABy4/yru_HNc1kxc/w1212-h808-no/unnamed.jpg ) 🙁 I’ve since ripped up all its favourite foods (lilies, of course, and a couple others) and am hoping that being SUPER vigilant this spring–watching for eggs to destroy and picking out adults–will keep them from decimating my garden this year like they did last year. I even e-mailed Dr. Fry at Olds College to see if he had any other ideas besides getting rid of them the long, hard way. Unfortunately, there seems to be no better way without using very strong commercial pesticides (though apparently they’re hoping to release a parasitic wasp this spring which lays its eggs only on this beetle, ultimately killing them, which should control the population).

  3. LL Levsen says:

    Glad you have a great garden, you may need those skills, before your not-so charming Premier gets finished with her slash & burn budget.

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