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Kiwis, Grapes, Blackberries, and More!

In my last post, I took a photo stroll around the yard. But at that time (May 20th), there were quite a few plants that still hadn’t grown enough to have much to show. But now after a long spring, I can show you all the other odd and unusual plants that have finally made an appearance.

But first, an update on my plums! Here is one of about half a dozen Pembina Plums.

Nice, huh? Am I ever excited for these guys! But back to the update… First of all, this is one of my grapes. Its a Marechael Foch Grape – my other one is a Valient. Both are doing nicely so far!

Then, there is my Issai Kiwi – I have two of them as well. I’ve tried growing them twice before. The first time a heavy frost just after planting took them out. The second time was an accidental death that I’d rather not get into!

I also have two Blackberry Vines in the works. This one was just planted this spring – so we’ll have to wait to see how they do over the winter.

I’ve also dug up some Black Raspberry plants from the farm and brought them to our new place. They will be planted along the fence, once the fence gets built! But for now they live in pots.

My cucumbers are doing nice. Just ate the first cucumber of the season yesterday.

And my tomates are happily growing in the greenhouse.

And that’s about it for now. Perhaps next time I’ll update you on whether or not my pole beans have overtaken the corn in which they have been planted! Until then…

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I am also growing blackberries and my plants are planted at the edge of my garden with no winter protection. They are now 4 years old and I just picked my first handfull of berries August 21, 2012. Success!!!!
ps. I live near Barrhead Alberta.

Katherine, we live near Onoway, my wife originates from BC where Blackberries grow wild in the ditch… I want to plant some for her as she misses them so, is there an orientation I should strive for (like Saskatoons)? do they like southern exposure with tree’s at their backs or???? any advise anyone can lend is appreciated. 🙂

I let on flat the growth of black berry,grape,kiwi or other freeze sensible.I put a tire sides cut out,turned around over roots and i fill with dirth.2-For spring freeze i use a wine transparent plastic cup,make a hole thru between base and cup and cover the seeds,if very cold for long,put dirth over cup,can pour warm water on base up.3-Cut side tire,1,1 inch +,put inside transparent garbage bag,put over tire=moving green 2 b

Mario – The blackberries did fruit, but the season was a little short and they didn’t fully develop. There were berries, but they never had the chance to ripen.

Hey Dave, love the article.

I was looking for an update on your Issia Kiwis. I tried last year, but it doesn’t look like they made it. (still have my fingers crossed). Wondering if I should try again.

I also thought I had read you tried growing Arctic Beauty/Actinidia kolomikta kiwis? If so how did that variety work out?

Anthony: Sorry – I’ve since moved! But last I saw, they were growing good – but had yet to produce anything. And yes, I have tried a few kiwis – again, the growing was good – the producing never happened.

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