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My Fruit Trees Are Budding

Well folks, I took another photo stroll around the yard and snapped some of my favorite pictures yet! I’ve got some beautiful pics of my plums in flower, as well as a super cool close-up of my grape buds about to burst, plus a sweet pics of my haskap, and a new-before-seen view of my Patmore Ash. Have a gander and see what you think…

And make sure you click each picture for a larger view – I love the details of the close-up!

This is a bud from my Marechael Grape. Notice the bits of fuzz… That’s awesome! Who knew, right?

Haskap. Borealis, I believe this one is. Again – who knew flower buds were so fuzzy?

This one may be my favorite. It’s from my Brook Gold Plum. (It’s now my desktop background.) Go ahead. You can use it too!

This is another plum. This one is the Pembina plum.

This is a Barberry that I inherited and I’m trying to nurse back to health. I love how their leaves are bunched up in clusters like that.

Crabapple. Big River Flowering Crab to be specific. Love the texture!

Here’s a zoomed out shot of that Brook Gold Plum. I like this one too!

These are the tight little bunches of lilac buds. (But you probably figured that one…)

Not a fruit tree. Actually, not a tree at all, but a Bleeding Heart. I just like them…

Now this is a weird one. This is a Patmore Ash tree. That is some awesome texture and design! I love God’s creativity!

Just a common strawberry. But look close. Notice the fuzzy strands on the edges of the leaf.

This is the Golden Spice Pear. Of all the buds I’ve looked at, this one seems the most… complex.

And finally, this is the beautiful leaf of a blueberry. (You don’t usually see color like that until fall!) So that’s my spring gallery! Whaddya think?




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Your photos are intriguing we are building on an acreage this summer and I have started some favorite fruits, raspberries, strawberries, saskatoon and hope to add more this year one that I would like to get started is the cherry tree someone told me there is one much like the cherries we buy in the grocery store that we can grow in central Alberta we are out in the Rimbey area any idea what this may be? keep up the good work

Suella: There are lots of great cherries that grow in Alberta. I’d recommend looking at T & T Seeds’ catelog. They have a good selection of cherries (complete with helpful descriptions). You may find what you’re looking for there.

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