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A Photo Stroll Around The Yard

This evening I took a walk around my yard with my little girl and my camera. We planted a few potatoes in an old dirt pile (for lack of garden space and having extra seed potatoes), planted a couple of cucumbers and transplanted a few tomatoes (left over from Grandma’s greenhouse), caught a frog and watched a giant beetle, and through it all – took lots of pictures. So here are a few highlights – at least the ones that were in focus…

The Garden

Row of peas

Our journey started in the garden where the peas are starting to pop up. This is the spot that was lawn last year, so I’m thinking it may be a bit grassy/weedy this year.

Raspberries just starting

Our raspberries that we transplanted last year are coming along.

Sunflowers sprouts

The sunflowers have made their appearance.

Squash peeking through the dirt

The squash is a little nervous about showing it’s face.

Frozen Pumpkin Plant

My pumpkin, hit by frost on May 26th, may actually recover.

The Yard

Mosquitos on my Ethel Pink Mayday

The mosquitoes are out enjoying the blossoms of my Ethel Pink Mayday.

A ladybug on a tiger lily

This ladybug posed for us on the tip of a Tiger Lily.

A Bumblebee on a flower

We quickly snapped this picture of this bumble bee before it buzzed off.

The Pasture

Buffalo Beans

These buffalo beans grow all around this area.

Shooting Star Flower

These shooting stars are scattered around the wetlands.

Wildflowers in the grass

None of my close-up shots worked very well, but these little purple wildflowers sure looked pretty – even the dandelions seemed to fit in.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures almost as much as I did taking them. Oh wait, let me show you one more. It’s my favorite, but I’m biased…

My Little Girl Sittin' on the Hay

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That last one is my favourite too – made me chuckle out loud 🙂 We put in raspberry canes a couple weeks ago but there aren’t any new shoots coming up yet. I’m feeling a little nervous, wondering if we bought duds.

Thus far, any raspberries I’ve purchased have taken a LONG time to get established. On the other hand, any raspberries I’ve dug up and transplanted from my folk’s place have all flourished. So, if you have a friend/neighbor/relative with the variety you want, I’d sure recommend just digging up some of their extra canes.

I really enjoy your commentaries, they are always interesting and quite helpful. Your recent picture trip around the yard was refreshing, and of course your little girl is the BEST! I have recommended your site to my friends who are really interested in your hoop style green house I told them about, but they had a hard time finding it on the blog. They are gardeners, not techies 🙂 Do you think you could list it under popular posts?

Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn’t updated my popular posts for a while – so I’ve now changed it to reflect what’s been the most popular in recent days – the hoop-frame greenhouse currently being ranked at #3.

love this! What a great idea. I think I might take a photo stroll around my little yard and garden too!

Nice idea taking the photo shoot. The shots are fabulous. I think I will give it a go this spring for my own backyard. With all the space you have, have you ever considered doing several varieties of sunflowers in a staggered bed format.

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