Early Haskap Berries

I took a talk around our yard today and was pleased to notice that my haskap plants were covered in little green berries.

Haskap (honeyberries)

It won’t be long before I put up the netting around them to protect them from the birds. Man, am I excited to eat a big bowl of these things in a few weeks!

6 Responses to Early Haskap Berries

  1. Amy says:

    How exciting! I never did find haskap this year, but perhaps I can order some…somehow…next year. I still really, really want to try these!

  2. Ernie says:

    You can get Haskap trees from the Saskatoon Farm in Alberta.
    http://www.saskatoonfarm.com We just received ours today June 9/08. They were shipped by bus from DeWinton, Alberta 800-463-2113.

  3. Reid and Meredith Cleghorn says:

    saw a show on haskap berries and would be interested in obtaining some plants. We live in the southwestern corner of New Brunswick. the information that I read on these plants said they were very hardy. How much would the plants cost and what about shipping to us. thank you for your help Meredith and Reid Cleghorn, 1158 Tweedside Road, Harvey, York Co., NB E6K 2M4 506 366 5257

  4. Andrea says:

    you can also order then here,they are on sale now

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