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What Kind of Flower Is This?

This is just a quick and simple post asking just one question: What kind of flower is this?

A Pretty Yellow Flower

I’ve tried to figure it out by looking at other pictures on the internet. It seems very much like a brown-eyed susan, but it’s missing the dark, dome-shaped center. Is it a daisy of some sort? I couldn’t find any pictures of flowers with exactly the same characteristics.

They were growing in a cluster down by the creek/wetlands just a short distance from our house.

Wild flowers at my house

So I’m turning to you for help. If you can identify this flower, please leave your comments. (Or even if you have a wild guess, I’ll take that too!)

14 replies on “What Kind of Flower Is This?”

We have a similar plant here and we know it as a willow leaf sunflower
Shrugging my shoulders though – pretty

I would love to know what the name of this
beautiful flower is…can anyone help please?
Thank you so much!!!~
[img] KRISTY FLOWER.jpg[/img]

what is this please

[img] pics 131.JPG[/img]

Does anyone know what this is? It is growing near country road surrounded by vetch. It is about 2 ” in diameter and firm(somewhat like a popcorn ball. We live in VA and have fairly acid soil. Thanks!

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