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Prairie Perfect Orchards near Innisfail

This weekend was the annual Summertime Country Drive (a collection of 25 central Alberta farms & attractions). One of the destinations along the way was Prairie Perfect Orchards – a brand new fruit farm featuring cherries, honeyberries, and apples. Although this was just their first year open to the public, they easily win the “Best Presentation Award”. Their grounds are beautifully landscaped and well kept, facilities are clean, there are attractive signs everywhere so you never get lost – and even the grass was weed free!

Prairie Perfect Orchards

My Experience

First impressions were great. As I stated above, everything was beautiful. After we parked we walked towards the main building and were cheerfully greeted by the owners. Although we caught them between seasons (too late for honeyberries, and about a week too early for cherries), they offered us samples of cherry sauce [for ice cream and such], cherry jelly, and a delightful rhubarb beverage. We also got a tour of the apple orchard and the cherry orchard.

Apple Orchard

The apple orchard [pictured above] was not yet in production, but it is expected to come online by 2010. Our host named a half a dozen+ varieties that he was growing – all the best apples that grow in this part of the world. I’ll be interested to check out this orchard again in a couple of years.

Cherry Orchards

The cherry orchard was beautiful – with cherries just dripping off the young plants. There are at least five varieties that I remember – the Romance Series cherries that were recently developed at the University of Saskatchewan. They are just four years old now (I believe) and will be ready for the picking in about a week’s time through to autumn.

A Final Word

Although I’ve never yet picked a single berry at Prairie Perfect Orchards, I certainly plan to. If your looking for cherries in the central Alberta area, this is the place to go. And if you’ve never been to a upick farm before, this would be a great place to be introduced. Their pristine property feels more like a park than a farm and I feel they will only improve with time.

Want to Visit Prairie Perfect Orchards?

Here’s what you need to know:


From QE#2 take the Cottonwood Road exit (just south of Innisfail), travel west to RR#14, north 2 miles (3.3 kms.) to Twp. Road 354, west 1.8 kms. to the orchard on the north side of the road.


Cherries, Honeyberries (and soon apples…)


Not sure – I’ll update when I go pick cherries!

Other Info:

You can call (403) 227-1301 or email [email protected] for more information

5 replies on “Prairie Perfect Orchards near Innisfail”

Thank you for a great article! We are pleased you dropped by Prairie Perfect Orchards on the Summertime Country Drive Weekend.

We wish to thank you for all your kind comments on your website. We appreciate all comments as it provides us the opportunity to improve our Orchard for customers.

Welcome back when you have time.

Pete & Jan Wasylyshyn
Prairie Perfect Orchards
Innisfail, Alta

I, personally, am a huge fan of both Prairie Perfect Orchards and the Jungle Farm. I live in Innisfail and can’t get enough of either location, along with Edgar Farms just west of town. This year, I plan to try some of Leona’s strawberry plants in my own backyard (some of them she grows in hanging baskets – how convenient!); I will be stocking up on Elna’s asparagus soup out at Edgar Farms (as well as trying to grow my own peas!) and I plan to make more lunch-hour stops out at Pete and Jan’s. (Her cherry tarts and banana bread are to die for!)
I’m really glad you made space for these great farms on your blog. They are worth it!

Lucy: Sorry, I actually don’t have any connection with the Orchard – I just visit places and write about them! You’d have to contact them directly. I understand that the farm may have recently been sold, so I’m not sure if they are still open or perhaps are operating under another name, but I can’t find much recent information about them online.

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