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Hoop Frame Greenhouse in New Zealand

It seems everyone is in the greenhouse building mode! Ok, well, maybe not EVERYONE, but many are. I’m still working on plans for my next  greenhouse, but until then I wanted to show you another greenhouse that was built from my plans in my article “How to Build an Inexpensive Hoop-Style Greenhouse“. This one is from Farshid out of New Zealand. It took him three afternoons to build (after work that is), and cost about $200 NZ – that’s about $137 Canadian.

Hoop Frame Greenhouse in New Zealand

Hoop Frame Greenhouse in New Zealand

Thanks Farshid! Looks great!

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Fantastic! I was telling my husband about your greenhouse the other day. We would both really like to build one sometime. Thanks to you, I also ordered my first Haskap plants and can’t wait for them to arrive!

Well, truth be told, I actually don’t have anything growing in my garden as of yet. I’ve moved into a new house and the yard is still under major construction, so I haven’t had a chance to plant a garden at all. But I’m hoping for the beginnings of a garden by early June. Perhaps even a new greenhouse….

Hi, I’d like to try to build one of these in Hamilton, NZ. I’d be interested in hearing from Farshid about the measurements for the frame and where he sourced the plastic sheeting from. Thank you.

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