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Yellow Leaves On Your Seedlings?

Over the past few days I’ve noticed two things. First, my cucumber seedlings have a tendency to die for some reason. Secondly, many of my plants have a growing yellow tint. Some tiny spots on the leaves have gone brown. Like this…

Yellow Leaves on my pumpkin seedlings

This hadn’t happened in the two previous years of starting seedlings indoors, so I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.
So I did a little research on the internet and it wasn’t hard to find the answer. It was… lack of fertilizer. As I was reading several articles that explained this to me, I realize that I had neglected to fertilize my seedlings this year! So, today I gave them a healthy dose of fertilizer (though I was tempted to do extra, I refrained…). We’ll see how long it takes for them to recover and if my problem was actually what I think it was.

If you’ve got a more accurate understanding of the problem, let me know!

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I suspect that’s what’s wrong with my miniature rose that I’ve been nursing since Valentine’s Day. Since putting it in a larger pot, I’ve neglected fertilizer and many of the leaves are yellowish. Thanks for the reminder!

Just an extra note: Since my first dose of fertilizer on my pumpkins, they have had a huge burst of growth!

Thank you for this information! Some of the leaves on my pumpkin plants are turning yellow…. so I will try the ferilizer!

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