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The Budding of Spring

One of my favorite types of photos are the macro photos of spring buds. There is such detail and such a variety in all the new growth that appears on branches or popping through the mulch or emerging from seed. So I took a bit of a stroll around the yard this afternoon to capture a few moments of springtime budding – I thought you might enjoy!

Click for the full-size picture – but be aware – they are LARGE!

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We are new to Alberta gardening – this will be our third spring but first for a lot of our garden plants!!!
They looked great last summer but our garden looks terrible with all dead looking plants!!!
Should i just be cutting off all the dead stuff??

Willie: As a general rule, yes. Most perennials will grow back from the ground and so you can remove all of the dead plant matter from last year. You’ll want to be careful not to uproot your plants, so cutting them off is probably better than pulling them off.

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