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Sunflowers & Honey Bees

Hi folks! I just wanted to share this picture with you. I snapped it this morning. The bees & wasps have been terrible this year. (“Terrible” as in bothersome when you’re eating lunch outside, but also “terrible” as in lots and lots of bees that are cool to look at as they go about their business.) Anyway, I think it’s a cool picture. What’s your thoughts?

Honey bee on a Sunflower

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In the UK our bumblebees are easily twice the size of those,our wasps are also rather large.I believe the slightly warmer summers are causing them to grow larger.As usual in Autumn when the wasps are dying they don’t need much excuse to start attacking you lol.I like the bumblebees spring is well on it’s way in the UK and they are very busy as flowers bloom.

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