It’s Haskap Season!

Yes, it’s true.  I’ve been eating haskap berries this past week. Not bucketfuls, but small handfuls anyway. At this point, only my Cinderella variety have ripe berries. The others are still coming. It’s interesting to note that there are far more berries on the Cinderella variety than either the Berry Blue or Blue Bell, but the Berry Blue plants have grown probably two or three times as large this year.

None the less, there are berries out there and some are ripe. Most of them are quite tart, though I may be rushing things in the way of ripeness. My measure of ripeness has been to let them get a dark purple color, then to give a slight tug on the berry and if it pops off easily, then it must be ripe. If it wants to stay attached a little longer – I let it stay.

Haskap berries on June 21

Haskap berries on June 22

Haskap berries on June 22

I never did get any netting put over them, but I don’t think the birds have discovered them yet. We’ll see how long that lasts…

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I am interested in growing haskap berries on my acreage and am wondering where I can buy potted or bare root plants. I notice that DNA gardens is no longer in business. Any ideas?

I have recently purchased two hundred Haskap plants from the University of Saskachewan and will be planting them in the spring. I live in Northern Michigan…any advice on what works best in the soil…also any common diseases that I should be watching for?

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