Haskap Blossoms in May

Back in November I wrote a post called “Introduction to Haskap Berries (aka Honeyberries)“. Currently, this post is the most viewed post on this site – by far. And so I thought it would be appropriate to give you all an update on how my haskap are growing this year.

Actually, they’re doing quite nicely. In fact, they’ve been blossoming for about three days now.

Haskap Blossom

Haskap Blossom

I have my haskap growing in two locations. The flowers above are from the bushes on the west side of the house. They are a little more protected, have pine bark mulch around them, and seem to have the most flowers – or perhaps just the earliest flowers.

The other haskaps pictured below are on an east-facing hill with no shelter and are mulched in old hay. I don’t see as many flowers on them, but they are doing well none the less.

Haskap on May 17th

There should be honeyberries (haskap berries) ready to pick by mid to late June. I’ll hopefully get a chance to update you before then – perhaps when I put on my bird netting a couple of weeks prior to picking.

Any other good haskap pictures out there? I’d love to see ’em. Drop me a line!

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Funny, I was just thinking today about where I’m going to find myself some haskap. Hopefully one of the plant nurseries has something for me! I’ve wanted to try these ever since I read your post.

I’m not sure if DNA Gardens has any available right now, but that’s where I got my haskap.

I have a few Haskap plants in pots. I am looking forward to getting some Borealis Haskaps, having trouble finding a place that will ship to New York (US). Vegetolab in Canada said they will, but I will have to wait until 2010 for them to be ready. I plan on planting about 7 Borealis and about 6 other varieties for cross pollination in a row when I get them.

Patiently waiting for our snow to recede so I can see how our 48 Haskaps survived their first winter in Pink Mountain BC.
Neighbours to the south of us have also planted these hardy little two yr old stock. They have cherries, apricots, apples, grapes, and choke cherries as well.
Gardening season is upon us and looking for a large (26×68 or so) greenhouse for the vegetable garden. Any ideas or prices?

Mine are blooming right now, started on April 26th. It is too early I’ll wager, probably won’t see any berries as there is nothing to pollinate them. Maybe have to go out with a paint brush when it stops raining.

hello,,what is your email,,?? i have planted 2 bushes about 4 yrs ago,,one did not take the other one did,,it is full of flowers every yearbut no berries,,i read that i need 2, so i just bought another pair,,i need to know how close do they need to be to each other,,and will they all have frui tif there is 3 of them?? i have some pictures but cant post them here

They should all have berries, but you do need at least 2 different types to get berry production.

i work 4 a well knoen garden center ane we have this in our stores .i have bought 2 so far and plan to get many more as diffrernt one come in.i have boreilis and berry blue .not yet planted just got then home…hope i have luck…

I have four bushes which are 6 years old. the last couple years they have been loaded with flowers but got only half dozen berries. This year there are lots of flowers and I am hoping to get berries this time. They are close to my raspberry patch which yields heavily. Is there something I should be doing?

Vera: The first question I would ask is “Do you have two varieties?” as they need to be cross pollinated. That would be my first guess.

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