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Fort Laramie Strawberries Reviewed

Fort Laramie StrawberriesThis spring I expanded my strawberry patch. In the past all I had grown was the popular June-bearing Kent strawberry, but this year I wanted to try something different. I ordered my strawberry plants from T & T Seeds (which I highly recommend) and received three varieties of strawberries – Kent, Ogallala, and Fort Laramie. Since I had only planted them this spring, I didn’t expect much in the way of produce until next year. But the Fort Laramie surprised me.

By early August the ever-bearing Fort Laramie strawberries were producing big, red berries. At first there were only a few, but by August 20th, they were producing more in their first year than my Kent strawberries had produced in their second year! I was truly impressed. And they kept producing more and more until the heavy frosts came in and spoiled their fun in late September.

Fort Laramie Strawberries

The berries were great to eat fresh, or put on ice-cream. My two year old daughter had no complaints either way! In fact, she liked them so much, she’d even pick them well before they were ripe! I can certainly say without a doubt that I will continue to grow these beautiful strawberries.

I give the Fort Laramie Strawberries a solid 5 out of 5. Five out of five

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Thanks for the great information on strawberries…I will try Fort Laramie for sure! I had no former info on what to buy so this was helpful for me.

Greg: Yes, they do produce runners – but I understand you should prune off the early blossoms to encourage runner growth.

I purchased 35 plants and they had runners when i bought them , some at the store ( canadian tire ) even had berries in late august

So are the Fort Larmic strawberries Prennial? I wll try them this year for first time I bought the plants Thanks Sharon

My favorite strawberry for flavor is the Sparkle. Unfortunately the spring frosts get the blossoms a lot so now I have switched to the Tristar. It has excellent flavor and is day-neutral so I protect the berries in September from freezes. I buy the plants each spring as it too difficult to tear up the bed getting rid of the old plants which are not good to use again.

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