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Better Late Then Never

After getting started tremendously late (due to landscaping issues), my garden isn’t looking too bad – all things considered. My corn and beans are growing nice. Peas… not so much. After the birds pecked them to nothing they’ve been slow to recover. I might get a taste, but certainly not anything for the freezer. Carrots…well, let’s just say that their current average height is about one inch. Radishes grew tall, flowered, and had nothing to show for it at the bottom.

But potatoes…. Now they might do something. I’ll at least have a good stock of baby potatoes if nothing else.

Potato flowers

Now that my greenhouse is up, my tomatoes are coming along too. I’ve got some good golfball+ tomatoes right now and lots of flowers.

Tomato Flowers in my greenhouse

And of course, old reliable. The one that never fails. Rain or shine, sheet or hail. Nothing can stop… the weeds! But at least something is growing. And they’re kinda pretty too.

Pretty Weeds

3 replies on “Better Late Then Never”

The same thing happened to my radishes! I am new to gardening and thought I did something wrong!! Maybe not????

It is good to read this post, I can relate exactly! My carrots are minuscule, peas never made it more than 2″ tall, radishes are a bust… but the potatoes! Wow! I’m really hoping that the performance underground matches what is going on above! This is my first year with a proper veggie garden & I was getting discouraged, it is good to know that it’s not anything I’m doing wrong…!

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