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A Few More Haskap/Honeyberry Pictures

This morning I made an unexpected discovery. While checking my an email address that I haven’t used for months, I found that my brother-in-law had emailed me some photos that he had taken last June of the haskap/honeyberry plants  I had planted at his farm about five years ago. The photos were taken last year, so these plants are four years old. Have a look…


Do you have any pictures of haskap/honeyberries? Post them in your comments below!

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Hi , I ordered these this sspring, cant wait to grow them. A ouplre of questions , how big do they grow? and do they need aid soil like blueberries? oh, also can the be planted in part shade? thanks

Faris: They grow about 3′ round and do not need acidic soil like blueberries. That’s one of the things that make them extra easy to grow!

Flowers – March 23, 2012. This is 41 days ahead of last year!!!!

Hey Dave,
I planted some haskap berries last year after excitedly reading about your experiences. I don’t even particularly remember which cultivators I got (the right ones…that much I know). What I found, however, is that one of them has grown into a very strange shape and may have lost a couple of important branches. I would prefer to prune it slightly just to make it a bit more attractive. Have you prumed/do you recommend pruning haskap or just I just let them grow hither and thither?

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